Accompanied by the string Quintet of the Perpignan Mediterranée chamber orchestra or in a larger formation with a 16-string ensemble under the direction of conductor Daniel TOSI. This creation is based on the album Escolteu. An unprecedented collaboration where the « Classic » carries the Gypsy songs in a most particular emotion. “The idea of ​​bringing together […]


Tekameli, “I love you” in Kalo (the old language of the Spanish gypsies)… A universe between spirituality and festive rhythms! For more than 20 years, Tekameli has been taking you on Catalan land… Discover their music and their Gypsy songs… TEKAMELI, « I love you » in Kalo, the ancient language of the gypsies of Spain, is […]

MANOLO The Voice of The Gypsies

MANOLO Gimenez is considered by many music fans to be the new generation of Gypsy guitar masters. Although he has toured the world for many years, his style of performance is more unique and contemporary than any of his Gypsy brethren that have come before him since the breakthrough of Gypsy music into the Pop […]