Kema (Christophe Baliardo) was born on April 17, 1979 in Montpellier. How to present Kema without speaking about his family “BALIARDO”: Manitas de Plata (Ricardo Baliardo) and his brother Hippolyte Baliardo, with the family group “Los Baliardo”, they will make 10 times the world tour playing in the biggest capitals and on the most prestigious scenes. Coming from this family of musicians, Kema from a very young age has a favorite toy, the guitar of her father Juan.

Juan does not want to go to Gala with his father Manitas de Plata, afraid of the plane and the passion of his family. He will devote himself to his son in which he squeezes a gift for the guitar, the future will prove him right …

There is regularly at home, his grandfather the famous Manitas de Plata with whom Juan often left on the roads and especially the great cousin Tonino Baliardo soloist and co-founder of the group Gipsy Kings of which he is a “fan”.

When none of them are the others who go on tour and it is regularly parties when they return to the sound of guitars.

In 2004, on the advice of Manitas de Plata, Chico asked his agent Bernard Biglione to try to integrate Kema into his group Chico & the Gypsies.

« … I will always remember the long negotiation I had with his mother who did not want to let his little one go, take planes, go to distant countries, take risks. She knew only figuerolle and the city Mion in Montpellier. … I had the privilege of being Manager for 15 years of Manitas de Plata and the group Chico & the Gypsies for 20 years, to work occasionally with Paco de Lucia. In my work, I always favored the guitar, a real passion! Knowing the possibilities of guitarist Kema, I could not pass, he had to integrate our group … » (Bernard Biglione)

Kema joins the group, first gala Paris (private party), second gala Los Angeles (May 21, 2004) and discovery of America. Will follow the same year many galas in France as well as abroad.

Kema not happy to officially integrate the group becomes a fundamental element. Everyone recognizes the white guitar, its touch gives a boost to the group that takes a new dimension.

The unparalleled voice of Manolo and the magical guitar of Kema, will energize the group, galas and travels succeed one another. The beautiful adventure will last about fifteen years.

At the end of 2017, Kema decided to start a new adventure under her own name KEMA BALIARDO and returned to the studio.