Accompanied by the string Quintet of the Perpignan Mediterranée chamber orchestra or in a larger formation with a 16-string ensemble under the direction of conductor Daniel TOSI. This creation is based on the album Escolteu. An unprecedented collaboration where the « Classic » carries the Gypsy songs in a most particular emotion. “The idea of ​​bringing together a classic string ensemble, with a thousand possible colors, with the group Tekameli, crossed my mind about ten years ago. It is first of all a statement on the origins of stringed instruments, in particular the violin, whose ancestor, the rebec comes from North Africa. On the other hand, many itinerant peoples, Manouches, Gypsies, Gypsies and other gypsies, have used abundantly for their musical inventions, string instruments and have used them in sublime ways. These instruments « classified » by history, asked only to connect with their origin. Perpignan is a place of cultural crossbreeding where gypsy rumba has had its place for decades. As a conductor and composer, always in search of new sounds and exacerbated expressions, I always thought that strengthening the discourse and rhythms of flamenco or popular music, opened new horizons. But I am not alone; Debussy, a long time ago, had widely experimented with his Balinese gamelan. So here is a dazzling blend of the voices of a spiritual, skin-deep gypsy people, and a virtuoso and thrilling symphonic world. ” Daniel Tosi