MANOLO The Voice of The Gypsies


MANOLO Gimenez is considered by many music fans to be the new generation of Gypsy guitar masters. Although he has toured the world for many years, his style of performance is more unique and contemporary than any of his Gypsy brethren that have come before him since the breakthrough of Gypsy music into the Pop Music scene.

From his happy childhood growing up in a family of seven, Manolo Manuel Gimenez was seen to be a guitar prodigy. Family and friends would always comment that Manolo was « a natural born musician » which was a compliment not only to young Manolo, but to his supportive family. He was a source of great pride to his parents and the rest of his family.

In the Gimenez home, it was a daily tradition when Manolo’s Father would return home after a hard day of work, the entire family would have their evening supper, enjoy being at home all together while playing music, singing songs and dancing various dances to the different songs.

The family would enjoy each evening as these were the most wonderful moments in Manolo’s early years. These are the moments he speaks about with great fondness and emotion. Many of these past memories have inspired him to write songs and music which brings his youth, family memories and his favorite moments in life to his audiences.

Manolo both entered and was invited to compete in various song contests as a young man. He would win most of these and the word spread around the region about this « new young guitarist and singer who sings like a man of worldly experience and love like no other person his age« . He accomplished this amazing reputation by the time he was 15 years of age.

After winning one of the most prestigious contests of those years at age 16, it was a great and proud moment when The Gipsy Kings approached his Father and asked to come meet with him to talk about their family’s « young maestro of the guitar » performing in their group.

The Gipsy Kings, friends of Manolo’s Father, asked if he would permit the young Manolo to travel and perform with them around the world. When his Father asked Manolo would like to join The Gipsy Kings on-stage during their next tour, Manolo was grateful but told his Father he was uncomfortable flying in airplanes and would prefer not to. Sometime after this offer was made and turned down by Manolo, his dear Father passed away leaving Manolo and his siblings to earn money and support his family.

Manolo learned to become more and more comfortable with airplanes as offers started to come in week after week and month after month, for him to perform solo. Some of the world’s most prestigious symphony orchestras and philharmonics extended their invitation to Manolo.

Only after his Father’s passing, Manolo was forced to take over much of the responsibility to raise and feed his younger brothers. It was evident that he saw the possibilities not only to perform for money, but to also record albums as well as perform at highly prestigious private concerts for heads of state and on television. Once on TV, the floodgates broke open and Manolo was in demand all over the world.

Not only did Manolo reach the audiences which The Gipsy Kings and Chico & The Gypsies had built, he was also invited to perform with Chico and his newest band.

Soon, as Manolo’s talents and personality became a source of joy to all of those who performed with him, he was invited to co-author a song that turned out to be his first Gold Record Award. His combined talents of singing, playing the guitar and writing beautiful choral arrangements truly solidified his reputation as one of the most beautiful voices and one of the finest guitar and vocal arrangers of our time.

Manolo eventually went on to be a key performer with Chico & The Gypsies. He toured around the world where his charisma and emotionally pointed musical compositions made him the King of the new « Gypsy » sound that everyone recognizes.

For over 20 years Manolo performed all over the world and participated in the most prestigious global festivals and events. With his reputation growing, he entered the world of « one named stars » such as Sting, Cher and others. Therefore since 2011, he has toured under his own name single first name, MANOLO.

Now recording his new 2019 album in Vienna, his management team, agency and public relations firm are all supporting the release of a new double album by him that will include the big hits from The Gipsy Kings and the Chico & The Gypsies era. This double album will also feature new songs which are destined to become hits.

Manolo’s new show for 2020-2021 will visit the dance floors of some of the world’s biggest 1,000 to 4,000 capacity elite High Cache’ Club venues visited by the world’s biggest hit-makers. Tour dates will also list shows at many of the world’s most beautiful Performing Arts Centers (PAC’S), International Music Festivals, World Beat Music events, Symphony Halls and the finest Casino Showrooms and Casino Arena’s in over 50 countries. As this news is released, the negotiations for some of Europe’s Mega Beach Parties, with 5,000 and more people attending, are also becoming more and more interested in having Manolo and his group be the headline entertainment for these amazing events.

Joining Manolo on stage will be KEMA, Christophe Andre Fernand Baliardo, the grandson of the late, great master of the Gypsy guitar Manitas de Plata, one of music’s most important and famous guitar heroes ever.

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MANOLO King of Gypsies latest set list for 2020 performances includes Bamboleo • Habla Me • Djobi Djoba • Pharaon • Marina • Vagabundo • Un Amor • Allegria • Baila Me • Volare • Que Sera • Feliz Navidad • Manolo Bajo • Barcelona • La Vida es Bella • Hallelujah and many, many more.